Hot Tracks takes your TRIVA game into 2023 with a digital curve! No more pens or paper. Teams can now answer from a tablet or even their smartphone! Our trivia game is fast-moving, with 20 questions per round. That’s one question every minute and thirty seconds! With our tech-savvy knowledge, we can also plug into your venue’s TVs or projector, giving trivia a new visual experience.  

Why Trivia with Hot Tracks?
-Audio & Visual delivery of content
-No paper - No pens
-Faster moving, less downtime, no cheating
-More guest interaction
-Customizable content & gameplay
-Hosted locally, not dependent on the Internet

Variations of rounds
Keypad - All teams answer using one of the following methods:  First letter, number, or sequence question. 

Buzzin - Both variations are very competitive and create frustration and tension with Players. A lot of the time, they’ll know the answers to questions but get beat to the buzz by the competition.

Classic Buzzin- The First team to buzz in will say their answer.   If incorrect, they’ll be penalized by being locked out from the remainder of the current question, as well as the next question. If correct, they will score points.

Agree or Disagree Buzzin - The first team to buzz in will say their answer. After that, all other teams will be given an opportunity to agree or disagree for half of the points.  If correct, they will receive points. If incorrect, they will lose points.

The closest answer – is a numerical answer question. You don’t have to be exactly right, just the closest to the answer. (Typically, a Bonus or Tie Breaker question)

*We also offer themed trivia nights of your choice at an additional charge.


Our typical trivia layout is a two-hour event consisting of 3 rounds of 20 random general knowledge questions and one closest answer as a bonus question.   However, in between rounds, we have a break for 10 minutes. This lets your guests order food & drinks.