Hot Tracks DJs is the Only Entertainment Company You’ll Need
Hot Tracks DJs provide DJ, Karaoke, and trivia entertainment for you and your guests. We also take the time to sit down with you and help plan your event. We’ll ensure our event entertainment plan aligns perfectly with your goals.

A DJ will not only provide music and make announcements but will also help you coordinate your event. At Hot Tracks DJs, we listen to your guests’ music requests. And we’re not in it to hear our own voices on the microphone. We only use the mic when needed and let guests enjoy the music the rest of the time.  

The benefit of using Hot Tracks DJs is that our team will listen to what you and your guests want. We will be there the entire way – from the pre-event meeting until we part ways at the end of your event. We will be there to accommodate and make suggestions and last-minute changes if needed.

We love to help out in any way possible because, at the end of the day, events run smoothly with trusted, reliable vendors, which allows the hosts to have a more enjoyable time.

Our goal is to make your event unique, not just a cookie-cutter party. Because one size does not fit all, we’ll make sure your day is just what you want.

Meet the Owner, Chris 
Though Chris now owns Hot Tracks DJ Service, his uncle started the company in 1981, when DJ entertainment had just begun. With a team of three DJs, they performed at bars, weddings, and other private parties. Around 2007, Chris began dabbling in the art and eventually took over the family empire. Chris updated equipment and expanded the business to include Karaoke and trivia at local bars and restaurants.

Now, Chris does a little bit of everything – including his favorite position, being a DJ. “I love my job because I get to work in an atmosphere where people are enjoying themselves," says Chris. "I know they’ll remember these events and special moments forever.”

When Chris is not performing as a DJ, he can often be found enjoying the great outdoors by camping, kayaking, and boating. 

For more information about how Hot Track Djs can take your event from good to amazing, check out our list of services.

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